dokuhime: the fact that you wrote the word n*gger when being an ugly white boy proves that you're shit.


i said the word in response to his use of the word, he called me it i called him it, you ugly twat licking piece of shit cock sucker. tell me why you are on my blog you slut? you have sent me like 6 messages why do you keep coming back? you are annoying my dude 

"N*gger" Oh Lord, I can’t stop laughing.


@charlottekosc: exercise and clean eating amazed me!!! I was feeling down because I was bloated from eating not the best, but killing it in a workout yesterday and eating properly seems like it’s taken away all the bloat 😭❤️and I’ve even already had my breakfast before taking this pic! it’s crazy how just one day can make you feel better mentally and physically! time to hit the gym again today 😏

OMG CHARLOTTE, LOOK! You’re on my dashboard! fitness-fits-me